Question [Q] trouble ending calls

I just got this Moto g through Amazon and got it set up with Immix service in the US. It worked for the test call in the store but randomly now when i place a call, it ALWAYS starts a conference call. (has a manage conference calls button above the hang up button, etc) even though I only clicked on one number in my contacts. When I try and press the button to hang up the call, it flashes for a second (almost looks like it goes back to a single call) and then comes back with the same conference call view. I can't get it to disconnect the call on my end no matter what I do. Even clicking hang up in the notification will clear the notification but it comes right back up again. It just gets stuck in the call. If another person calls me, I am able to hang up the call no problem. It's only if I dial out. I've tried a factory data reset, I've reflashed the factory image files, reinserted the SIM, tried a new SIM, put this SIM back in an old phone, etc.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?