Default Helo, I have a SW2, but I miss notifications :(

Hi all, I have a SW2 with a Galaxy Note 3.
I love SW2, but I miss a lot of notifications.
I would like to view on the watch all the emails I receive (I have 3 Gmail account + 1 Gapps account).
With GMAIL extensions, sometimes I get notifications, sometimes I do not get them... above all on my Gapps account. How to solve?
Moreover: I use hangouts both for SMS and chat.
If I receive 2 SMS and 3 chat, I can read on the phone (using WatchIt): you have 5 notifications, but I cannot read neither the SMSes nor the Chats.
Same thing with Whatsapp: I cannot read the text, I can read only: "You have a new whatsapp message" (or similar).
I have different ringtones, so I already know if I have a Whatsapp, SMS, Hangout or other message.
Is there a way to read them all on the watch?
Which app should I use?
Whatchit does not seem ti permit it.

Thanks in advance

Luca aka L'uka
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