Default [Q] Need help after rooting phone

Hi, total noob to rooting phone here and need some help.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 model SHH-I337M. The lack of being able to read memory card as a hard drive and being stuck in MTP mode has lead me to want to root my phone. Also the ability to delete some bloatware is desired.

I read through some forums and came across one that has lead me to root my phone. Followed this forum as it seems to root the phone but keep it close to stock samsung ROM.

So I completed the CF root and think I was sucessful, Super SU was installed on my phone and then I installed Busy Box as I was under the impression this app was also needed. Seemed to work as my computer was then able to read my sd card when I choose Mass storage mode instead of MTP.

Since I am a total noob I don't really understand the process above but like I say, it seemed sucessful and there was no issues with the phone.

Later I opened the Super SU app and once I did that it said something about the Binary unit needed upgrading. It gave me to choices normal and some other method related to HTC phones that I don't remember. Not really understanding what was going on I chose normal and then proceeded to restart my phone after it was done.

Once my phone restarted 2 issues have appeared. Once the phone restarts a Bell push to Talk app starts up saying I am offline. This is not a big issue for me as this is one of the apps I wish to delete. The second thing that happens is a notification appears that the phone is uploading/downloading messages but nothing happens it just stays at 0% complete and doesn't go away. I clicked on the notification and the app is wssyncmlnps, from what I've found this is some sort of Samsung update app for KIES and OTA upgrades.

Just wondering if this is an issue, and how I might get this to go away. Everytime I restart the phone it does the same thing.

Thanks for any help, much appreciated.