Default [Q] How to increase frequency of input events?


I've started toying around with android app development and decided to code a drawing app that can use a stylus (I have a galaxy note 3). First thing I did was to implement a naive drawing machanism. What I do is I create lines from the motion events that I get, including the event history (getHistory*() funcions), expand them to rectangles and render lines with varying widths according to the pressure with the help of a fragment shader and a framebuffer. I've noticed that when using other drawing software (Sketchbook for Galaxy, S Note), I get smoother curves. By which I don't mean the anti-aliasing, but a higher amount of "key points". First thing that came to mind was that those programs interpolate the events to generate smoother lines - the points appear to be about 2x as dense. But then again, it's possible that they somehow get more input events because the processing is faster.

I don't have much experience with android, so I thought I might ask around if it was possible to increase the amount of input events that I get, and if it is, how? Or does the amount of events depend on processing time or do they just land in the history if the process was busy?

Here's what lines in Sketchbook and my code look like: