Default A500 compat w/apps

Just bought an acer a500 for christmas, liking the tablet so far expect I've noticed theres quite a few apps with issues concerning the tegra 2 cpu/gpu, many of my apps will simply open for a second then close/crash. Have tried several roms (4.3 cm10.2m, stock, 4.1.2, etc) and still hasn't resolved the issue. Any workaround for this yet like some drivers or settings I can adjust in android somewhere?

Tried installing chain3d drivers to resolve and ended up soft bricking then gave up

Apps not working include:
DraStic - know this one isn't compat with tegra 2 after researching, no workaround likely
Cross DJ - new dj app just crashes upon opening, works fine on
Call of Duty black ops zombies - messed up graphics apparently needs chain3d drivers but they brick device
Call of Duty strike team - takes a long time to load then crashes