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been trying to look for inverted apps for 4.4 google edition (phone,contacts,etc) cant seem to do so.
anyone possibly direct me to working inverted apk's?
Devices: Nexus 5 (Hammerhead) Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1, Samsung Infuse 4G

Nexus 5
ROM:KitKat BeanStalk
Kernel: Testing out everything...

Tab 10.1
ROM: CM10.2
Kernel: CM10.2

ROM: Danvdh's KitKat Google Edition with Xposed. (bug free!)
Kernel: ktoonz kernel OC @2106Mhz

SGS3- traded for s4
ROM:Beanstalk 4.2.2
Kernel: Untouched

Infuse 4G ~ passed on to a friend
ROM: Scotts Beanstalk 4.2.2
Kernel: Untouched