Default I'm Stuck in CWM Bootloop

I really need help!
I Installed CWM v6.0.2.8 for My SoftwinerEvb 4.1.1 JB
and now I'm stuck in a bootloop!!!!
Everytime I Power Off/Reboot It keeps on coming back with CWM Recovery
I tried wiping cache/factory reseting/wiping data/wiping dalvik cache etc.
I only got this tablet for Christmas and I dont want it breaking already.
Also The Error I get is:
CWM-Based Recovery v6.0.2.8
E:Can't mount /cache/recovery/command
E:Can't mount /cache/recovery/log
E:Can't Open /cache/recovery/log
E:Can't mount /cache/recovery/last_log
E:Can't Open /cache/recovery/last_log