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Drx,does the 3.12 have the google now working?I can't seem to get it to work.Also what would be the procedure to put 3.15 on now that I have 3.12 on,,thanks
Yup, all versions have Google Now working. Have you made sure that there's no updates pending for it in the Play Store? Make sure that after every update, even a dirty flash, that you install GApps. If you forget to, the search bar will bring up a Gingerbread looking search app, and a lot of the Google apps and services will not work. For a "dirty" flash (no apps or data is lost), my process goes like this: wipe cache>wipe dalvik cache> format /system (no data will be lost)> Install ROM> Install GApps> wipe cache and dalvik. You should only use this if you are on the ROM already, not if it is a completly new ROM. Hope this helps!
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