Default [APP] VGMPlay 0.40.4

(since I can't post on the development board at this time)

ValleyBell / Maxim's VGM Player is compilable for the Surface RT (as long references to _inp() and _outp() and PortTalk have been omitted from compilaton). This is basically a music file player which can play .VGM, .VGZ (gzipped .vgm), CMF and DRO files, mainly focused in supporting playback of emulated chips such as YM2413, YM2612, YM2151, YM3812, SN76489, AY-3-8910 and various others.

Base application source code are available at the following thread:
vgm DOT mdscene DOT net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=112

Compiled ARM binary (get ini config file from original binary above) :
dl DOT dropboxusercontent DOT com/u/1287967/WinRTexe/VGMPlay.exe

Credits to ValleyBell for maintaining the player code.

EDIT: Here's a screenshot of it in action. Nothing too fancy, just observing CPU usage while listening to a track.