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the whole issues is i cant use the usb to fix anything, something wrong with the ROM im using i guess makes the usb useless
I'm not sure you're understanding the process.

The method I posted does not have anything to do with a rom. Its based on using apx mode.
A) Put yr tab in apx mode.
B) connect yr micro usb cable
C) check " safely remove hardware" icon for an "apx device"

If its listed there then follow the directions I posted.
If its not showing then you must install the drivers, as I posted above!! Nothing will work as it should, until you have both sets
of drivers are installed correctly.

If you don't know what apx mode is or how to access it. Pls read the root guide in my sig. The first 2 posts.

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Yr pc should be running xp, vista or win7. Win 8 and 64bit have issues

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