Default [Q] Bluetooth device timeout on KitKat CM11 4.4.2

Having upgraded, primarily hoping it'd resolve the previous Bluetooth connection problems, the problem now, for me, is one of timeout, whereby it disconnects after a short time without activity. If the Bluetooth keyboard is used, it reconnects after a few seconds, but this is of course hopeless for its intended purpose. I see there's a "keep alive" app out there which, I guess, should resolve this, but it seems ridiculous the timeout value can't be easily tweaked. Or if it can, how?

Below is, I believe, the relevant part of logcat, there's a series of identical "getState" lines, which, presumably not being responded to, results in the disconnection.

D/BluetoothAdapterService(1105185376)( 7404): getState(): mAdapterProperties: 41dfcf60
I/EventHub(492): Removing device BN1000 due to epoll hang-up event.