Default Phone in download mode but computer not detect the phone

hi everyone

I have a samsung cappy ATT with CM10 before and it was not detecting my sim card so i decided to flash it back to stock so i can use it with sim.

I was so noob and went to CWM and wipe out everything (whatever i see on the menu that i see i can delete, i deleted them). Then now my phone it stucks in ATT logo when i turn on and my pc wont detect even in download mode. I am not able to boot to CWM so I can't flash with zip file. I did some research here and tried 3 different USB cable and 3 different desktop(XP and vista) and none of them detect my phone .

Just want to see if any expert here know the solution and help me out. My model is 1007 so i dont need a JIG to go download mode. I love my cappy and really it to back to life.

Please help