Question [Q] Install Regular Phone Dialer on Tablet?

Hello All,

I'd like to install my Galaxy Note II phone dialer on my Galaxy Tablet 10.1 (2014 Edition) so I can make calls (a certain special way). Some of the apps I want to use require "native dialer integration" and currently I'm using a SIP dialer (Google Voice / CSipSimple).

Can someone confirm that I can just send my phone apk via bluetooth over and just install it that way? Would this work (of course it wouldn't work with 4G, it'd work with WiFi via another 3rd party calling app - not CSipSimple).

Please let me know before I do something too crazy. My only worry is since my tablet isn't rooted that I may run into trouble if I want to uninstall it (cannot use Titanium and the app isn't from the Play Store).

If there is another method recommended, please let me know, thank you!

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