Default [Q] What tab do I buy? Need a quad core that has the BEST customisation? PLEASE help

Hi guys

Ive bricked my crappy little it9011 by modifying build.prop, pushed the old one back and still bricked! RUBBISH DEVICE!! Anyway, I cant be bothered with it now so im looking for a new tab. Im needing (and I say needing as I have the worst tab in the house (my 5 & 7 year olds have better and my 73 yo mum has the best!) and im the most techy!! ) something better for as little cash as possible

Im thinking rockchip 3188 (better than an A31?). Thing is, some of my familys tabs use rk3066 and there are a HELL of a lot of apps that dont work on them NOT good for someone like me who runs a lot of apps.

I know the 3188 beats the a31 on paper, but, in the real world, if apps dont work on it then its very limited. Ive seen the posts about them rolling out 4.3 to the 3066 and 3188 but is that ALL devices?? I doubt it very much. So, what do I go for?

I was thinking a samsung? I have an S4 and an i3 laptop so seems like a samsung tab would be a follow on. They are expensive though, but, custom roms a plenty

Ive seen some spurious 3188 tabs on ebay but the spec means nowt without some real-world experience (compatible apps, rooting, cwm, etc)

Lets say I have a budget of 175 (id prefer 150 but to include Samsung stuff it needs to be a little higher), What would you guys say I should get?

I play games, use social media and also develop software. So im into all levels of android. What do you guys think is a good all-rounder for that money? My mums rk3066 10" cost 60 and has an Antutu benchmark of just over 10k so Im looking for over 20k+ for this money. Also, no 4.1 rubbish (As if any rk3066 running android 4.1 will EVER get an upgrade to 4.3, lol).

Freelanders look good as does a samsung tab, but, how much better are they than a cheaper chinese one for the money? I want cheap but dont want a crappy yaffs2 file system like the infotmic crap! Standard system with cwm/twrp option and custom rom option only

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated