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Why I am planning to NOT root my awesome Note 3

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Thumbs up Why I am planning to NOT root my awesome Note 3

I used to root all my devices, my S2, my note 2, but not my note 3, and here's why.

1. I used to hate TouchWiz, but now with all the new features like air gestures, S pen features, smart stay, IR blaster, etc, and the updated more "Realistic" look to it, i will have no need to switch to AOSP, even if it is smoother, i have 3gb RAM anyways (Oh GOD do I LOVE the 3gb of ram!!)


3. I own a Rogers note 3, and a mac. No way to root it yet with a rogers note 3 and a mac

4. I will lose features if i switch to AOSP, and if i switch to another TW custom ROM it would most likely have some bugs that the stock one doesn't have.


6. Bricked phone once, softbricked a couple of times, and let me tell you, first time i bricked, i couldn't sleep for 2 whole nights. And always paranoid when rebooting phone that a bootloop would happen or something.

7. No need to overclock or change kernel, i am more than happy with my high-end device right now thank you very much.

8. Worry-free!!! I will never have to worry again!! Sometimes i think to myself why i always root my phone and mess something up, and always have to heimdall back to stock.

9. I own a GALAXY GEAR!! Switching roms may risk making my gear UN-USABLE!! Which SUCKS!! paid 300+ bucks for this thing!!!

10. I am plenty happy with my phone and don't plan to mess it up anytime soon. I love my stock Note 3, and my Galaxy gear too
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Smh. Some of these things you have no idea about.

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Originally Posted by SkizzMcNizz View Post
Smh. Some of these things you have no idea about.

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Agreed...i mean half the stuff he mentions has no bearing on root whatsoever...and to keep
Knox when we don't even have the option to run the encrypted dual boot partition makes no sense. Plus i also have a gear, and its also rooted...i take it he either has never rooted or has no clue what rooting actually does. He mistakes romming with rooting, and makes it seem like rooting is somehow capable of breaking functions like bluetooth???

Not trying to be a jerk, but posting this list is irresponsible and counter to the foundation xda is built upon. Your basically posting this as a justification for not rooting, but why, why not just not root...what's the point of this post at all?

Many noobs or first time rooters will see this and be confused thinking your mistakes and errors that caused the brick, or mixing up root and rom are the norm or cause for concern, and neither are true.

strait up...root does nothing more than "root" level access, or basically full access to your device aallow in you the OPTION to remove apps or customize your device. It in no way breaks bluetooth, or affects your launcher (touchwiz) as is being alluded to.

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This phone is pretty damn powerful even with a ton of bloatwares running in the background. I can see that this might be the reason why some don't feel the need to root and modify their note 3. But if you say avoiding root because you want to keep your phone perfectly functional, then I don't understand the reasoning here. Root doesn't render the phone useless, it is what you do after you root it that bricks or damages it. You can root this phone and keep all the S functions you want, add more stuffs to it and the phone will still be perfectly functioning, but of course it is a personal thing.

I personally rooted this phone, modified a lot of things before I even put the new sim card in and activated it. This phone is pretty powerful by stock, but I like to mess with it, and I usually read up a lot of posts before I do anything crazy, and I always have odin next to me when I do it. So far nothing is damaged and the phone is running xnote with all the S functions running smoothly.

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Sounds like someone needs to do a little research that's all.

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One word.


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You will change your mind
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If for nothing else then just to remove all the bloat. After I removed all the bloat my ram usage has been around 1gb out 2.xx gb. And my battery life has been GREAT. I get 7 hours+ with about 24+ standby.

Here is my script http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2587899 (if you change your mind
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I've been doing this since finding rsd lite was like warez and you had to do hex edits, and rooted day one. I think my phone is more functional and has enough customization to make it as individual as I am. It's your choice to root or not, but I agree with the post above you might give the newer members the wrong idea.
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Not sure what value this thread has now that it has been said...nor what it has towards development.

Thread closed.
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