Default Emulated SD...

I'm not quite sure but is it normal that my internal storage says I have 1.2gb of 12gb, but you know when you go into settings and tap "storage" and it shows you a breakdown of what is actually stored on your phone with different colors?...well mine is about 80% black which indicates that I have wayyyy more than 1.2gb available. And also I can't move anything over to my 16gb SD card because of the whole emulated thing the LGOG does. So do I really only have 1.2gb left?, or is it reading wrong because it is an "emulated" storage?

Is there a fix for this yet? Has anyone figured out how to correct the SD card mounting position without having to recode the whole phone? Lol.

Thank you to all who read this post and to those who provide useful input.

Sent from my LG E970 with all the fixins..CM11 Nightly kiTkAt 4.4.2/CM 3.4.0-CM+