Unhappy [Q] coby mid8065 8gb stuck on coby screen

good afternoon,

I have a coby mid8065 8Gb tablet. When the power button is pressed, it shows the coby screen, and nothing else. I tried holding the vol+ and power keys together, and got the same coby screen (white COBY, black screen). I tried vol- and power, no reaction at all. I tried vol+, vol- and power = COBY screen as before.
I have seen instructions to hold the return key while booting, but those leys on the lower left corner are not illuminated at all.
I hooked it to my computer via USB cable, and the computer won't recognize it. It charges via the usb cable OK.
Is there some SW I can put on the SD card that will help it boot?
I tried OneClickRoot, but it won't run.

I'm out of options here, so can someone please give me some direction. right now, this is a square frisby.

02/28/14 - I pulled the back cover and de-soldered the red battery lead, waited several minutes and re-connected it.
When the power button was pressed, I got a battery icon (as if it was charging), but no COBY in white letters. Holding any combination of buttons did not work.
After several minutes, when the pwr button was pressed, the COBY showed up again.
This tablet has an Amlogic processor, AML 8726-MX

If anyone knows about the guts of this tablet, there are two small contacts close to the battery leads, labeled FT BOOT, Shorting these has no effect on turning the tablet on.

Guys, I,m out of options here. There are a lot of really smart people out there, so someone should be able to come up with a procedure to get this up and running.

I do want to emphasize again, that when the tablet is connected via USB to a PC it is NOT recognized. I have tried Kies and Win XP SP3 SHOULD be able to recognize it.

Many thanks!!