Prompt Need a Location App Help

Hi All,
Its me Fox,i am an old user in this forum where i get lots of help from here and the people here are really a days im feeling a problem developing an app and i am writing it in details in below

The requirement of our mobile software:

The target of the software is to gather some network info remotely avoiding any notification to the target mobile user and not installing any software in the target mobile.

Let me explain the idea in detail. First of all, we know that if we press *#06# then we can see the IMEI number of the set. So, there might be some secret way or code so that anybody can get the IMEI number of any mobile set with the help of just target mobile number.

That was just an example. However, there are some system of ping to check the reachability in IP network. In GSM network also there should be some secret code by which ping, trace route targeting a mobile number is possible. By these, the availability of the target can be confirmed. By the trace route result, we can obtain the path Of the pong reply or ping, present cell id. The individual cell ID also carries the name of the area in Unicode which is displayed in many sets optionally. That text may also be obtained from that. Actually, we want to do this by developing and installing an android software. In that car, we need to know the coding, programming language and special DLL or header that has to be called for this purpose.

2. Is there any way to call or search IMEI in any mobile network? Is it possible to find out the mobile number by inquiring with IMEI number from any mobile?

3. There is a way to configure a GSM modem with a cloned SIM may be so that the target mobile's all traffics including voice and SMS, may be data also. By default, all SIM's destination priority setting is 0. In the case, the modem has the higher priority so that at first the traffics reach there, modem software captures and records the traffic and then throws again to the target device. It's clear that here, the modem acts in transparent mode so that the target do not feel anything as well as it does not catch eyes of operators. We want to do this.

please i need a help on this badly,