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Note: I'm just sharing the work of the XDA Member

Here's a brief introduction :

Originally Posted by majdinj
ADB Screen Shot (OS & Recovery)
What does this tool do?
Simply, it takes screen shot through adb
shell action and pull the resulted image
file directly to your computer, then it
removes all traces from android device.
From which android screen this tool is capable
to take picture from?
From both android OS and Recovery
What are the basic binaries used in this tool?
- The built in screencap binary for taking
screen shots from Android OS.
- fb2png binary for taking screen shots
from Android Recovery mode. This binary
is developed by Kyan.ql (You can visit the
project page from here).
How can I use this tool?
It is simple:
1) Make sure you have turned on your
device USB debugging mode.
2) Connect your device to your computer
by USB cable.
3) Run the tool by clicking on
4) After taking screen shot, it will be
saved in ScreenCapture folder.
- Google for ADB engine.
- Kyan.ql for fb2png

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Credits : majdinj :thumbup: