Video [GUIDE] [VIDEO] Install a ROM

HTC Jetstream Video HOWTO Series (3 of 3)

1. [GUIDE] [VIDEO] Unlock Your Bootloader
2. [GUIDE] [VIDEO] Flash Custom Recovery
3. [GUIDE] [VIDEO] Install a ROM

There are many guides to installing a ROM on your HTC device, but few use video. I felt that seeing it done would be a big confidence boost to those of you trying it for the first time.

Installing a ROM is a big step in liberating your Jetstream from the limited out of the box capabilities it has. Custom ROMs give you an alternative to the stock ROM that shipped with your device. Your warranty is past and the stock ROM is never going be updated, so you have two good reasons to try a custom ROM.

The following is a link to my (Vimeo hosted) video guide on installing a ROM.

★★★ ★★★

Hardware Requirements

HTC Jetstream (Flashed with a custom recovery such as TWRP.)

Software Requirements

Custom ROM archive (I used Hive.)

Remember that holding the power button and volume down button for a few seconds will power off your device. Doing the same from power off will launch the bootloader.

I hope that you enjoy your new ROM.