Plug Ultra fast drain of battery on 3D games on my S4 galaxy i9505


i have a severe issue on my galaxy s4 i9505 who has the official BB : I9505XXUEMKE
when i play any 3D games like (sonic dash, Plant vs zombies 2 ...etc) my galaxy s4 shutdown as if the battery is fully discharged and start a restart loop, until i connect my galaxy on the charger.

I have made 2 manipulations starting from 80% battery charge :
First manipulation : when the galaxy shutdown, i connect it to the charger and it can start with 0% on the battery, i observed that the battery keep recovering value although i haven't connect it to a charger, and it can regain some 10%
Second manipulation : when the galaxy shutdown, i opened my galaxy and take off the battery and place it again, the galaxy restart normally and it have some 68% of energy and it can work normally for 3g, video, wifi other uses, 2d games like (yoo ninja), if i use a 3D game for some minute <10min it will shutdown, and i need to repeat one of this 2 manipulations, can any body help.