Default [Q] TWRP recovery vanished from Huawei Y300!

Hi all,

I wanted to access TWRP on my Huawei Y300, so I switched the phone off and tried to boot into recovery... But to my horror the phone just froze on the startup logo and I was unable to enter TWRP (waited several minutes but nothing happened). I've repeated the same process several times but still can't enter recovery...

I haven't been messing around with the recovery recently... But it should be noted I erased both the external SD and internal SD on my phone yesterday, so I'm guessing this is the cause of the problem.

What should I do? Is TWRP completely gone or is it still there but inaccessible? Should I reflash TWRP through fastboot, or will that aggravate the problem?

Thanks so much for your help, happy New Year.