Default [Q] NO SERVICE messages. Please Help!

Hi All,

I have a Canadian T989D from Koodo mobile which I unlocked using unlock code. I took it abroad to Pakistan and after using for 6 months, one day all of a sudden I got NO SERVICE.

Trying to manually select networks, I come across different networks available but clicking on any one of them results in NETWORK REGISTERED sign but still doesn't connect to any network. When I go into the APN settings, I can see different APN settings for the respective sim cards that I put in. E.g. If I put UFONE sim card in, I can see APN settings for UFONE SERVICE PROVIDER.

Here is the twist though. I came back to Canada yesterday and when I put any Canadian Sim in it (FIDO/VIRGIN), it connects to the network without any problems.

Next, I tried T-Mobile sim in the phone. At first few attempts I would receive NO SERVICE/EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY messages. However, just recently I was able to connect to the network by repeatedly changing sim cards and restarting the phone.

So the specific questions to all of you is that "Why can't I connect to ANY network in PAKISTAN when I can see the APN settings for each sim card I put in?" Is there something I can do to fix the issue? I have a running sim card from PAKISTAN with me which I had previously used to connect to the network. Please help/guide me.

Any response will be greatly appreciated.