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Ah bummer! Was hoping you weren't rooted! Can you try a mate's XBox360 controller or Wiimote? At least that would let you know if it's a driver issue.

Good luck
Now I've tried the app called Wiimote Controller. I click "Init and connect" and then the search button on my Wii mote, wait 5 seconds and then it shows a error message for less than a second and closes the app. ( crashing )

The error message I get is:
Found 1 wiimote(s)
An error occour Last error: Adress family not supported by protocol

When I try to connect it directly via bluetooth it wants me to enter a PIN code which shouldn't be required.

On their FAQ site it says that with the protocol error the device might not be supported.
: (

I do not have access to an Xbox Controller.

EDIT: http://android.ccpcreations.com/wc-compatibility Says 4.2.2 don't support wiimote controller D: