Unhappy [Q] Help TWRP Deleted and Formatted everything on the Note 3

So I made a biggest Nob mistake as I am Nob my self. Last night I was attempting to flash a rom in to my phone. Before I did this I made a Full back up on TWRP on my SD card then I formatted Data and Advanced Wiped everyone on my phone. and then attempted to install the Rom. Sure enough it wasn’t working.

When I attempted to restore with my back up its giving me and error on Twrp.

After digging in to XDA and searched on the forum.. I attempted to flash my original factory rom on to my phone. I attempted to do this via ODIN 3.09. Every time I attempted this I am getting Write operation failed and Fail Auth

Can some one please Help me with this…

My Phone: SM-N900W8
It originally had the Stock ROM (Have back up)
Base Band: MJ4
Rooted Using kingo

Please help me and direct me on the filed I would need to get my phone back up