Cool tmo gn3 wifi tethering/hotspot

Your milage may vary. (This is something that works for me and may not work for you. I found that this way works for me and does not lead me to the up sell page unlike connecting my com outer directly to my gnote 3)
P.s. not all of these steps may apply to every phone as some steps/options may be unavailable.

So I tried something yesterday. Yesterday, I took my note 10.1 2014 edition (along with my sgsiii and my other phone) and hooked it with my wife tethering from my tmo note 3.

Steps on note 3:
1. Create a new apn. Have everything copied over from the original default apn that came with the note 3 but do not copy over the field "apn type" as this will 'somehow' obstruct the tethering and will always lead you to the up sell page.
2. Download your choice of any hotspot toggles on the market(pref. A widget), that way you can enable the hotspot from your home screen and not from the settings menu.
3. Toggle the widget. There should be a dialog box that pops up saying "wait til we verify you account" or some thing. Press the home button once that dialog shows up.

Steps on hooking the computer up.
(I have also used this with another android phone and tablet that I had laying around)

If on an Android phone 2.3.7 and later,
1 connect to wifi.
2. Connect to computer via usb but do not enable the storage option if one is prompted.
3. Turn on usb tethering.
4. Profit.

Or with a tablet(I used my SGN10.1 2014)
Your tethering settings are not shown.
1. Download the app tethering settings shortcut.
2. Connect to the hotspot.
3. Press on the app icon to go into the tether settings.
4 enable the usb tether.
5. Profit.

And yes I know this is a longer way of getting Internet to my computer but hey, what works is what works.
-SGN3 (Rooted Stock 4.3 KNOX 0X0)
-HTC HD2 (Android 2.3.5 HTC Sense 3.5)
-HTC HD2 (Android 2.3.7 CM7.2)
-Samsung GSIII (Android 4.4.2 CM 11)

-SGN10.1 2014 ED. (Rooted Stock 4.3)
-B&N NT 16GB (Android 2.3.7 CM7)

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