Default Fuhu Nabi 2 using external sdcard from internal memory for apps

I periodically see discussions about mounting or linking memory from
the external sdcard to the Nabi's limited internal memory.
So thought I'd put in my 2 cents.

I'm using version 2.3.11 and in the past have tried 'Folder Mount' but
over time it became unstable. (Has a nice UI though.)

Another option is an app that switches the internal card with the
external one - but I never liked that idea.

To find the biggest memory hogs I use 'File Manager HD'. It's free.
It has a "Storage Analysis" feature that works nice.

Found 'Universal Init.d' on Google Play (also free), and it provides
a quick fix if you have an app that takes a big footprint.

It creates the folder /system/etc/init.d and puts a script named
'testinitd' in it.

So when I find a game-hog (e.g. NFS), I move that folder to the
external card and replace the moved folder with a new one of the same
name. Then add a single entry in the 'testinitd' script.
e.g. for NeedForSpeed
mount -o bind /storage/sdcard1/mygames/ /sdcard/Android/data/
sdcard1 is Nabi's external sdcard.

Should note this requires ROOT access.

Hope this helps.