Default possibly bricked nexus 1?

hi all.

this problem began with water damage. i have stripped it and left with incandescent balls to dry for weeks, it is thoroughly dry. i can boot into hboot by holding vol- and power but it will not scan for .img's etc. no buttons respond, so i cannot navigate the hboot menu. when i try to boot normally i only get fastboot, but with the same problem, i cannot navigate the fastboot menu because the hardware? buttons do not respond.(power, volume and trackball buttons) it was on cyanogenmod 7 and i did have more functionality before i wiped and pretty much bricked it! however this was several months ago and since then i have managed to root and flash cm10 android 4.0.4 on a friends htc desire so i am:confused not a total noob anymore! all/any help will be greatly appreciated. forgot to mention, i have a superboot kit/ restore package, which will restore the phone to stock and it turns on and works, but always only in safe mode. all buttons then work except trackball depress, trackball navigation works. however upon reboot/battery runs out it will not turn on without restoring to stock via superboot kit.