Thumbs down [Q] Bootloop issue!!! rooted m919

hey everybody, i rooted my s4 a couple days ago and it was working fine until i rebooted it too much in a short amount of time last night. Im a complete noob and new to customization. the phone is just stuck on the tmobile screen and wont go past it at all. i factory wiped it from stock recovery and that still did not help.
the root I used was: true- android. blogspot -dot- com / 2013 /11 /install -uvuemk2-android-43-jb-firmware.html
I followed everything correctly and the phone was rooted properly by odin.
theres not much else to it except that i was using font installer- a very stupid app that set its fonts to default and i was trying to get rid of them.
also i rerooted the phone using the same processes in the link above and nothing happened.
to the mods: sorry if this issue has been resolved somewhere else. if you know where please let me know. Thanks everybody!