Default questions about 4.3 and the new bootloader

So I have the 4.3 update. I know I can still root the phone and I can still install twrp and that doing so will trip the Knox counter. (I don't care about that) but I really start using aokp again stock is killing me. But I have heard that the new bootloader is not for aosp roms it is for tw roms. So has anyone successfully installed the new aokp Kitkat on the note2 from 4.3? I have asked both roman and white whitehawkx and both do not know. I gave my d2tmo to my friend but it is on its.last legs so he might.not use it.if.he doesn't I will use it as a guinea pig to see what happens. If anyone has an opinion know please stock is crazy.
Current Device:

Tmobile Galaxy Note 2 T889
Stock TMO rom (for now till we get AOKP or any AOSP rom)

Previous devices:

Tmobile Samsung Galaxy s2 T989
TWRP 2.2.0
AOKP JB milestone 1

Tmobile g2x
CWM touch
AOKP milestone 5
Daily driver Eaglesblood ICS

Acer A200
CWM 5.5