Default [XT886][Q][Solved] Unlocking or build.prop modifications for Tmobile.

I recently purchased a used Razr V XT886 through Ebay. The device is SIM-Locked through Cincinnati Bell and they told me they could not find any info about the device (I requested an unlock code) when I provided them with the IMEI number.

Although this would normally not be an issue, unlock codes are often cheap and plentiful, it seems that none of the normal unlock places do XT886 devices. However, there are a few places that do XT885 from other carriers (or even have an option for CB). The XT886 is (as far as I know) identical to the Razr V XT885. Would I likely get an unlock code that would work if I selected an XT885 unlock code?

Additionally, there is a thread here on XDA (one of very few for this device) for upgrading the XT886 to Jellybean using a system image of the XT885 and the radio for Australian Bell(?). If I were to install a new radio from that thread, would my device become SIM-unlocked or allow me onto Tmobile US?

Lastly, the build.prop of my device references Verizon on almost every line and also refers to CDMA (which Cincinnati Bell does not use to my knowledge). If this device is based mostly off of the XT9xx from Verizon, I know that there are several tips that use different methods to allow the devices to work on AT&T and Tmobile in the US. Is it possible that something like CDMA workshop would allow me to do an unlock or pseudo-unlock of the device (if so, which of the ways to do this is recommended?)

I've included the build,prop as an attachment: if you would rather view without downloading: pastebin [dot] com/R4Qrq8jN

Any help would be very much appreciated. The phone was pretty cheap, so I might be up to doing something risky if it seems like it would work.


Edit: I was able to unlock my device on a site that accepted trial pay for 99 (the cost of a novel on the Kobo bookstore). I selected the XT885 (the closest model listed) and Cincinnati Bell as the carrier. I had a bit of website issues but emailed them and was asked to send my imei, after a few hours they sent back a 16 digit code, the first 8 of which worked to unlock my device.
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