Cool Hisense E860

Hi to all,

I have been looking for a solution for a long time. But all I see is empty thread with no response. So, please can anyone help me out here? My English is not very good. So, I will try and explain everything that I understand.

First of all, I am using Hisesne EVDO E860 Android Cellphone. It came with android 2.3.6 version. Kernel version Software version E527.6.01.03.BD00. Hardware version, V2.00. Debug Info GRK39F. Model Number HS-E860.

I have been trying to root the device for a long time. But nothing helped. Last time I checked the forum for a software name Framaroot. I thought this is my last hope, as I tried several other softwares like superoneclick, vroot, adbroot, universal root, etc and also some codes using command prompt. None of the method helped rooting the device itself. Most of the softwares couldn't even detect my device. So, I installed Framaroot. Now that I run the software, it shows only available exploit is Gandalf. I don't even know what that means. But when I run it, it says "Failed .... Try another exploit if available (Error #5)". As this was my last hope, I couldn't help but post a thread here. Also, I am a newbie here, so I am expecting a little more than help. Please, help me out here with rooting my device.

Any method, any software and any guidelines or tutorial would be really helpful for me.

I am using Windows 7 64 bit operating system. Any suggestion would be really helpful and appreciated.

Best regards and thanks in advance