Default [Q] xperia sp bootloop after titanium restore

hello guys,
as you can see i am a newbie, but i have managed to root my xperia sp following doomlord's instructions,
and got into a small prob thereafter, that was charge draining.
i googled for it and somewhere it was recommended to factory reset the phone.
before doing it i backed up my system apps and my apps with data using titanium backup
i did that, but it didnt work, charge drain continued

then i read another post regarding this, advising me to completely charge the battery once, and thank god it worked!!

after that i tried to restore the data from my sd card(both system and my apps), and did it successfully.
titanium then recommended me to reboot my phone.

i did that and ****!! , i got into a bootloop

lack of a removeable battery has further complicated my problems, as 90% of the instructions to solve this tells us to remove the battery first
the rest 10% have been tried and they didnt work for me.

i really need some firsthand help here!!!!