Unhappy s7562 mtk 6575 flash file needed

need samsung copy s duos s7562 cpu 6575 flash file
phone was in pattern lock and dead while format in volcano

China Samsung S7562 flash file needed, please help me
Cpu mt6575
File size= 1.75gb

Analysis of system files...
PRELOADER addr:0x000000 --length:0x040000
DSP_BL addr:0x040000 --length:0x5C0000
MBR addr:0x600000 --length:0x004000
EBR1 addr:0x604000 --length:0x05C000
__NODL_PMT addr:0x660000 --length:0x400000
__NODL_NVRAM addr:0xA60000 --length:0x300000
__NODL_SECCFG addr:0xD60000 --length:0x020000
UBOOT addr:0xD80000 --length:0x060000
BOOTIMG addr:0xDE0000 --length:0x600000
RECOVERY addr:0x13E0000 --length:0x600000
SEC_RO addr:0x19E0000 --length:0x600000
__NODL_MISC addr:0x1FE0000 --length:0x060000
LOGO addr:0x2040000 --length:0x300000
__NODL_EXPDB addr:0x2340000 --length:0x0A0000
EBR2 addr:0x23E0000 --length:0x004000
ANDROID addr:0x23E4000 --length:0x20100000
CACHE addr:0x224E4000 --length:0x20100000
USRDATA addr:0x425E4000 --length:0x74000000
__NODL_FAT addr:0xB65E4000 --length:0x2C03C000
__NODL_BMTPOOL addr:0xFFFF0050 --length:0x000000

Format addr:0x425E4000 --Format length:0x31A1D000
>>Read phone information success.