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Happy New Year guys.

Recently there have been such threads about best ROM popping up again:

I would like to remind you that such threads are [b]NOT ALLOWED[\b] here on XDA because:

- Each user will want a different Android experience. Therefore every user will have a different opinion on what ROM they will use.

- The phone belongs to the user. It is your phone and you yourself will determine which ROM suits you best. It's not up to me or any other dev to tell you what is best for you.

- Don't be lazy. Instead of having one hundred users tell you about a certain ROM, trying it out yourself will let you decide if it suits you or not. If you install a ROM based on what other users say, you may not like the ROM because it lacks a certain function or does not meet up to your expectations. Also, reading up on relevant material can help you decide if you want to use the ROM. So, head down to the Development section, pick a few ROMs and read up on the relevant content before making a decision.

- Discrediting other dev's work. A lot of you will agree that LX and Jader make good ROMs, but what happens to the other devs? Some of them put in effort to compile a ROM. Although there are not as many users of that ROM, the dev still did it in his free time and without pay. Telling one user that this ROM is better than the other is disrespectful to the dev because he put in effort for his work, only for someone to tell him that it cannot compare to another ROM.

Please take your time to read this. I would also like to thank the guys who have read it already and to help spread the word to the other users.

Cheers, 日焼け。一郎

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