Default [Q][Solved] Only backlight after problems with SD

Ok, so a few months ago I updated my Vega to VegaBean, but I was careless in the SD formatting bit, I forgot to format the EXT4 partition, because so, I had little to no app space in the tablet. Recently I tried to format my SD to put the FAT32 partition and the EXT4 partition, but apparently my sd card reader or my sd card were acting up, after a few tries of not working, I got it to read the EXT4 partition but then the other partition went unreadable, this followed for a few tries and a reset to factory. The tablet now won't boot, it just gives me backlight. Should I flash back to stock as said in the adventvega using the 1.10 stock provided in their site? Or I could try with any rom?

EDIT: Reflashed (from linux even!) with good ol' VegaBean and it worked.

Thanks in advance