Default [Q] Cell Standby with no SIM Card and Plane mode?

In the past year that I've used this phone without a SIM, this problem suddenly pops up out of nowhere.

A month ago, I come home from college and put my phone on the charger, like any other day. The next day, I notice the bars and SIM error disappear entirely. I assumed that this made the phone dead to the signal... I was wrong. Cell Standby had been taking a huge strain on my battery.

It would always be at 100%. No matter what rom I use, stock or AOSP, this problem would persist. Even in airplane mode, it would, for some reason, continue to drain my battery. I strictly use Wifi, since I took the SIM card and put it into a different phone, and yet, it's still happening.

I was able to get 2 days of standby before; now it tends to die in less than a day without usage.

I would assume this is a hardware problem, since this phone has been through so much abuse. Anybody else experience this, or know of a fix?

Here's a picture. I used my phone for maybe a few minutes... I was in Seattle that night, so I had plenty of area that had service. My main phone had 4-5 bars the entire time.
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