Plug [Q] Nook Tablet shuts off when plugged in

I have a Nook Tablet (NT) that is rooted and running CM 10.2. All was well until recently when I noticed that once the battery is drained it'll take almost a day for it to turn back on, most of the time being stuck in a loop where the "battery is too low to power on" screen will appear and reappear. Two days my daughter was using it to watch Netflix and the low battery toast appeared, she plugged it in and the NT shut off. Pressing the power button produced nothing until we unplugged it again. I tried using three different cords including a fastboot cord I made for our KFHD, each time it shut right off and won't start back up. I've tried plugging a cord in without any power and it doesn't have any effect, yet the minute any kind of power is shuts off and stays off while plugged in.

I searched Google, read almost every sorta relevant post and have searched other forums as well with no luck. Has anyone had this problem? Has anyone solved it? What could be the problem? Any help is appreciated.