Default [Q] editing .so file


I'm trying to modify a .so file (, but have run into a few problems:
  1. I first tried editing the file after it was installed from an .apk. This appears to work at first, but the edited file is quickly replaced with the original.
  2. I then tried editing the file in the .apk package. This causes the package to fail to install (I'm guessing because the md5 in the certificates no longer matches)
  3. Aldo tried moving a folder with the .so files from the .apk (com.adobe.flashplayer-1 which is what is created when the .apk installs correctly) directly into /data/app-lib/.The directory was created successfully but appears to be immediately deleted.

Is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do? If so how?

Other possibly relevant info:
My device is rooted
I did not write the code for anything in the .apk, I got it from a link on xda (pretty dubious i know but I couldn't find another option)
I'm using cyanogenmod 10.2 (based on android 4.2 I believe).
I'm editing the file with a hex editor to change a a few characters ("AND" to "WIN")