Talking [A] Sero 7 LT Stock [ROM]

Screwed up? Stuck on the Hisense screen? Need help restoring your Sero 7 LT back to Factory Conditions? All but removing your CWM will be contained in this post.

Thanks to J001E for this fabulous restore method!!!!

Before continuing you must have CWM installed.

Ok this is the download link. ( )

1)Create a folder in your external sd card called "clockworkmod" then create another folder inside the clockworkmod folder called "backup" and then extract the file downloaded ( the backup of stock rom) an put the folder "2014-01-" inside the backup folder.

2) Instert your sd on the sero 7 lt and boot it in recovery mode then Do a wipe data factory reset, then go to mounts and storage, format system, go back and go to the backup and restore option and select restore from external sd card, then select the "2014-01-" option , and select yes.

3) Select the reboot system now option if it ask something hit yes.

Once this is done. Enjoy your un-softbricked device.