Default (Solved) HELP! I need Stock image to be CWM flashble

I have a serious issue, I just got a Hisense Sero 7 LT for christmas, rooted it and added CWM everything was great up until I decided to change the display DPI using DPI modder app that soft bricked my tablet now I cant connect the usb using ADB or CWM
All I have is CWM and the only flashable stock rom uses a rockchip flasher tool for windows and a stock.IMG file

My question, hope, and prayer to you is this: can you please turn this stock.img file into a stock flashable rom for Clockworkmod?
I used the tool to extract the other files as well I will include them in this post and once completed it can be shared for others going through this dillema I know at least one other. Thank you


RockChip Firmware Tools For Firmware extraction

(SOLVED) Thanks anyway I made one and flashed it and it worked didnt think I could go figure
I have another thread about this with root info and how to install CMW I will add the stock rom there