Default Experiences with CM10.2


I want to tell my Experiences with my Motorola Defy with CM 10.2.

I flashed my Device with the CM Build of 01.08.13.

When working with the device the speed is ok when you keep in mind that the device is released more than three years ago.

But i saw that the very often HSDPA don't work. Phone is working.
So i think that the HSDPA-Part in the Kernel is hanging (maybe GSM and HSDPA are two independet devices in the phone and so two independent kernel modules?).
You see it in CM that the symbol shows "H" for HSDPA mode but the colour of the symbol itself isn't cyan.
Cyan shows that the device has connection to CM-Servers. The symbol is grey.

Setting the device to flight mode and back brings the sim-card unlok screen.
After entering the pin the HSDPA is working again until it hangs again

In addition sometimes the phone is rebooting very often if an app want's to access the camera.

These are my experiences.
Now I'm curious of your answers and experiences.

P.S.: Sry for my poor english.