Default Best per app dpi?

Myself as an avid dabbler in the world of android noticed that some apps like others when loaded onto the gear successfully load and only to show us squished information. I would like to start a community project with my fellow Xda'ers that allows beginners to look up an app and see a beautiful ui.

If you would like to post on my thread with the app you are using and the Dpi you are setting it to I will try and gatther them up as they are posted and create a list of the apps and their dpi's. A screenshot of said app would be nice so that we have a visual of the app.

ktetreault14-XposedInstaller-120 dpi


If you are a beginner then I will show you a short step-by-step guide to changing dpi.
1) Go to XposedInstaller
A) Grand Root if needed
2) Modules
3) App Settings (1.7.1)

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damage you do to your phone nor am I responsible for any damage your girlfriend does to your face after she finds out home much time you play with a DAMN watch.

CREDITS: @fOmey-Null_Rom(AMAZING) @Chainfire-Root(SuperUnbelievable) @rovo89-XposedFramework @Tungstwenty-App Settings Module @TO All the Xda'ers who are going to contribute to the database

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