Unhappy Samsung S3 (WindMobile) can't connect to network after update


I have just installed an update following "[HOWTO] [ROOT] No Tripping Flash Counter [Tmobile / Wind / Mobilicity / Videotron]" thread (http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1771687). I updated my S3 from stock 4.0.4 to 4.3 JellyBean version. Everything went smooth as I followed the instruction carefully, however, now I can't connect to windmobile network.

I am going to put all the info that might be relevant.

I am a noob, so when I first tried to update the bootloader I failed miserably and hard-bricked it. I took the phone to a repair shop, since it needed to be JTAG'ed. They promised me that they would fix the phone in one day, but they didn't and weren't happy with me that I was calling them everyday to ask whether the phone was ready. They asked me to take the phone without completely fixing it.

The good news is they revived my phone, so it turns on, which means I can fix it myself. The bad news is they couldn't find a working baseband to install. Anyways, I found the topic, mentioned above, and followed their instructions. In the topic, the author said that the ROM would update everything including bootloader and baseband, so I went for it, since it was the easiest solution. Everything went smoothly, except now I can't connect to network. I checked everything again and pretty sure I followed everything with a great care.

I have started digging around and found out that my phone is missing IMEI and IMEI SV, which might be the reason I can't register to the network. However, I am not sure, so I would greatly appreciate your help.

I am using Samsung S3 SGH-T999V. Thank you in advance and Happy New Year.