Default SH Script help?

Hello guys, ok I do not know anything when it comes to shell script but last night i came up with an idea of creating a script to backup a rom boot animation and replace it with a new one. Ive probably completly f****d this up as i do not know anything

#mount android root
/tmp/busybox mount /

#make folder called boot on sdcard
    /tmp/busybox mkdir /sdcard/boot

	#copy old to boot folder on sdcard and call it bootanimation.bak
	/tmp/busybox cp /system/media/ /sdcard/boot/bootanimation.bak

	#delete from rom
	/tmp/busybox rm -f /system/media/

	#copy from sd card to rom
	/tmp/busybox cp /sdcard/animations/ /system/media/

	#unmount andriod root
	/tmp/busybox umount -l /

	exit 0
could someone please tell me if there is any smidge of a chance that this will actually do something please? Thanks
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