Default [Q] bricked?

hoping to get some great minds to help this newb, ok i have rooted before painstakinly a tracphon with som sucess if it didnt work no gain no loss i went thru the root process then placed image on the sd and booted to recovery and installed the image that part was fairly easy. was the looking for the image that would work was a little pain, we now i tried with a acatel fierce rooting did work and verified so was able to use a sim from another carrier, after using for a day i looked at those apps that are for rooted phones only and one in paticular that brings me asking for help, it was called uninstaller on the app store and after installing it i was asked if i did a backup? i said no and i was looking to uninstall useless apps then i was asked to reboot i think well it did right to recovery mode well no problem i thought and just selected to reboot system screen turned off and well tried to turn back on and nothing looked up about hard reset press up arrow button and power button and nothing battery was at about 30% so no dead battery any help would be greatly appreciated