Default [Q] how can i remove knox bootloader

Hi all

I'm not intending to be a developer , there's a hell lot of information to be learned , and I'm too old for that

just like tinkering and playing , and I was trying to learn how to prepare the 4.3 stock rom downloaded from sammobile to be :
pre-rooted ,deodexed , zipaligned and knox free before flashing

I learnt how to achieve the first three modifications with dsixda kitchen , I already modified the stock rom to a prerooted deodexed and zipaligned flashable zip . but I didn't try it cause I didn't find any guide on how to remove knox bootloader and apps before installing the rom , and how to do that in windows

Can anybody point me out to such a guide

sorry for my bad english , and sorry again if the answer of my question could easily be found by search, I already searched but to no avail