Default Flashing ROM's Problem

I have an MDK S4 with TWRP and I have been flashing CM-11 nightlies about every week. Currently I'm on the 12/25 KK build and its working fine but I decided to update anyway. I made a backup and then proceeded to flash the 1/1/14 build however my S4 wouldnt go past the Samsung custom screen. I restored my backup and it worked fine. I proceded to flash a stock based ROM wiping everything and still it would not go past the Samsung Custom Boot screen. The only thing that works now is the build I have backed up nothing else boots. I have wiped data and evened ODIN'ed back to 4.2 MDK and rerooted and re TWRP'd and still I cant flash anything besides the one kitkat build I have backed up, any other ROMS dont go past the initial screen it just vibrates and shuts off and loads TWRP again. Any suggestions of what I can do to fix this?

Thanks in advance
My devices
HP Touchpad 16GB
Verizon Galaxy S 4
Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
Droid Bionic