Question [Q] recovery mode does not appear

Hi guys!
i really need some help..been dealing with this for 1 month now..anyway tablet info first,

-Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt (Philippines)
-Jellybean 4.1.1
-not rooted (they said it was pre-rooted, i was gonna root but then problem happened)

last few weeks, apps just randomly crashes and some system processes i tried hard reset (no choice)..
after that, everytime i turn it off and on again, i need to do the hard reset because i am always stuck in boot loop..
now i tried to turn it on again (doing hard reset) but the "recovery" no longer appears..its just a flash of light then goes black and so on and nothing happens..tried different key combinations - nothing......plugged to a pc - detects the driver..

please, what can i do?

i really appreciate any help thanks in advance