Wink [APP][2.2+] NotifyOnNet 1.1184 [2014-JAN-01]

For your consideration: NotifyOnNet 1.1184

I created this app out of necessity, I travel a lot through the mountains and desert and once you leave the pavement it's rare to have a solid Verizon signal for any stretch of time. To compound my problem I also use Google Voice which requires mobile data to send and receive texts. I wanted an app where I could activate it and then just leave my phone in the cradle. Then while I drove it would run in the background and then chime/vibrate when I came in range of a cell tower. I looked into a solution. Most people recommended sending a text to yourself, etc but that just didn't seem to work for me. I also tried Tasker but honestly it looked confusing and I didn't feel like buying it. In the end I just decided to would be cool to try making it myself and here is my attempt at that.

This sort of app is probably not useful to most people but if you live in a rural area then I invite you to try it out. Please leave feedback and I'm definitely open to suggestions. This is my first Android app and it has been quite a learning process!